Denis Drăguş, o ceremonie de vis alături de Vanessa: ”E totul pentru mine”. O gustare decadentă, un călăuza faimos și o neașteptată surpriză

Denis Drăguș, one of the scorers of the “Generation of the Heart” in the match against Ukraine, married Vanessa, the woman who gave him two daughters. The event coincided with the baptism of the youngest.

The wedding took place in a fairytale setting near Bucharest, with coach Marius Șumudică as one of the godparents. Their colleagues from the national team also attended the party.

Their wedding was initially scheduled for May, before the team qualified for EURO 2024, but because the national team represented us in Germany, the two had to postpone the wedding and chose the same date as the baptism.

Denis Drăguș and Vanessa have known each other since they were 10 years old. They were best friends for a long time, until one day he made the first move, and since then they have always been together. Denis proposed to Vanessa in 2021.

Vanessa is the biggest supporter of the athlete, so she followed him everywhere. She moved with him to Belgium and then to Turkey. She studied psychology to be by his side with advice and help him overcome the pressure of an important match like the one against Ukraine in the European Championship.

Vanessa Drăguș: “It’s hard to describe in words because I’ll probably start crying. Denis, for me, is the whole world, the entire Universe, I have no words to describe. He is the best man, the most wonderful soul, the most wonderful father, the most wonderful husband.”

The wedding preparations were done in a short time, as the two returned from Germany, from EURO, a week ago. On Tuesday, they finalized the last details, and the hall where they will celebrate with close friends looks spectacular.

The guests enjoyed a wide range of dishes, from sturgeon fillet to sarmale. Vanessa wore two dresses, as did their youngest daughter, Derya, who was baptized on Wednesday evening.

Vanessa Drăguș: “The most emotional part was the ceremony and that’s what I’ve been thinking about in the last few days. I cried at our ceremony and at the little one’s. I can’t describe it because I’m still overwhelmed by everything that happened.”

Denis also couldn’t escape emotions, seeing the love of his life in a wedding dress. The National players were also there to witness the moment.

Denis Drăguș: “I don’t know, it’s a unique feeling, hard to describe. I’m glad I got over the emotions and everything was okay. I’m glad they are by my side, I thank them, it’s emotional to have them by my side, especially since it was all very last minute.”

The two had two sets of godparents, including Marius Șumudică and his wife.

Marius Șumudică: “Denis is something special, a boy with a special character, a boy who I don’t even know if he should be as grateful to me as he is. I’ve put him next to my child on my ID now. I am like his father, he is like my son. Vanessa is a strong girl, I often spoke to her, to get messages to him, she was my pillar, my support in bringing out from Denis what needs to be brought out.”

The menu was complex, ranging from sturgeon fillet to sarmale. Solutions were also provided for heat. Guests had ice cream, lemonade, or prosecco at their disposal. Photo spots were also available.

There were many surprises, including musical ones. Theo Rose was among the artists who performed at the wedding.

Source: Pro TV

Publication date: 10-07-2024 19:39

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